You asked for it: Long Dresses & Skirts

Why do dresses need to be so short?” one of my readers asked me recently.
Personally, I don’t like short men, but I do like short dresses – however, not too short. They should hit the knee at least and if they don’t, I usually pair them up with leggings so that I can still move around comfortably.

Maxi or Midi – there are lots of styles out there that are long and sexy at the same time. Here are some that I found.

What do you think? Do you prefer long or short or does anything go? 

Pleated Maxi Skirt – super sexy but 800 Euro – oopsMaxi Dress by Asos – shop hereDoris & DorisDear Curves – Maxi DressCute maxi dress by Asos Africa – but out of stockMaxi Dress – shop at SapelleINYÜ, Paris
Maxi skirt by Tribal Groove