You asked for it: Long Dresses & Skirts

Why do dresses need to be so short?” one of my readers asked me recently.
Personally, I don’t like short men, but I do like short dresses – however, not too short. They should hit the knee at least and if they don’t, I usually pair them up with leggings so that I can still move around comfortably.

Maxi or Midi – there are lots of styles out there that are long and sexy at the same time. Here are some that I found.

What do you think? Do you prefer long or short or does anything go? 

Pleated Maxi Skirt – super sexy but 800 Euro – oopsMaxi Dress by Asos – shop hereDoris & DorisDear Curves – Maxi DressCute maxi dress by Asos Africa – but out of stockMaxi Dress – shop at SapelleINYÜ, Paris
Maxi skirt by Tribal Groove

  1. Absolutely love the length on the pleated skirt. The longer the better. Back in the day, it was the wealthy that wore voluminous clothes, to show their class, wealth, status and affluence. Many of us dress conservatively for several reasons, religion being one of them. Thanks for the post.