Kaela Kay Fall/Winter: Prints for all Seasons

Image credits: Kaela Kay/Jennifer Conley

I am finally back and was greeted by cold weather in NYC. I was hoping for a long lasting autumn, but 30 degrees Fahrenheit gave me a rude awakening. So a good time to discuss a winter collection! The Kaela Kay Fall/Winter 2013 Collection wants to showcase that Ankara prints are not just for summer and can be worn all season. The materials are layered and thicker – but personally, I would still wear wooly tights with all of these outfits that show leg, before stepping outside.

The summer collection from Kaela Kay really wowed me as it was so fresh and inspiring. Now, in her latest collection, I like some pieces such as the longer green/blue skirt and I can appreciate the grey/silver coat, but I am not really blown away by it.

I feel like I have seen all of this before. But that is just me – how do you like it? Anything that you would like to rock this winter? Share it with us by posting below.

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