Print Illustrations by Massira Keita

APiF: Please introduce your business.
Massira Keita: For a few months, I found myself drawing on the tablet. I realized my illustrations centered around wax fabrics. For now, I plan to print my drawings on tote bags.

APiF: How did you come up with this idea?
Massira: I have always enjoyed designing clothes, and one day I tried to incorporate wax fabrics in my drawings. I scan or take pictures of fabrics and garments I create in my imagination.

APiF: What is your professional background?
Massira: I study online communication at the university. I never took drawing lessons.

APiF: How does your heritage inspire you

: I am of French and Ivorian origin. I am proud of my origins that influence who I am today. My mother is a fan of Vlisco and I have always been fascinated and seduced by the fabrics. 

APiF: Who are you doing the illustrations for?
Massira: For the moment, I am making ​ drawings (banners, illustrations) mostly for individuals (bloggers).


APiF: Any tips for new start-ups in the fashion/design industry?
Massira: I do not really have tips, but I think they should keep in mind that they will show the way for others – they become role models for those who will follow.

Note: The interview was translated from French.

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  1. Fantastic drawings and its amazing she hadn't taken any lessons. If you have a gift then use it she is proof. All the best