Rue 114: Adinkra 2.0 collection

Check-out the new collection titled Adinkra 2.0 by the New York based label Rue 114. Designs by Rue 114 are for women “who believe that every shape and size should be celebrated as beautiful.” Thus the brand offers pieces from size 2 up to 24.
I have always loved the Adinkra symbols and their meaning. Gye Nyame, Duafe and Sankofa are my absolute favorites – if you can say that about symbols? Therefore the dress that has the see-through back with the Gye Nyame symbol on it is my personal winner! What is your favorite look from the collection?
Read also the interview I did with the designer behind Rue 114Serwah Asante – some time ago: Kick-ass women come in all sizes.

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This is my favorite – stunning back!