Menswear: Just love Ikiré Jones

Photography by Rog Walker

I love the menswear label Ikiré Jones: the style, beauty, aesthetic and the awesome videos. When I was in London this Summer, one of my friends who is a photographer showed one of the brand’s short films to his class and they were all stunned. Hey, can please all men dress like this? Thank you!

The label’s FW14 collection is titled “Of Saints & Savages“. Why the title? The collection aims to challenge misguided beliefs on Black and African culture. In the designer’s own words: “This is a public disavowing of all who think the cradle of civilization has nothing more to offer than raw materials and an army of open palms awaiting aid.” Watch a short beautiful film of the new collection.

Click here to check-out an interview we did with Wale Oyejide, the designer behind the brand Ikiré Jones.

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