“Birds of Paradise” by Sindiso Khumalo

Sindiso_Khumalo_apif_6Sindiso Khumalo is one of my favorite South African designers. I have been in love day one with her long, shapely dresses with geometric prints. Sindiso is rising in the world of fashion and has just recently been recognized by VOGUE Italia at their first “Who Is On Next Dubai” event – a scouting contest for fashion designers from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Birds of Paradise is the title of  Sindiso’s collection for Spring/Summer 2016. I am really into the black and white printed designs and just look at the print slippers! They are pretty awesome, too. The collection was inspired by Sindiso’s experience of becoming a mother.

“Our third collection is a two part story looking into the idea of pregnancy and birth. With the arrival of my son, now 20 months ago, I became fascinated with this idea of what we create and what we leave behind when we bring life into the world. Whilst working in my studio, white on white hand prints began to represent the idea of memory, the life before the the new life held within a print. Whilst bright dynamic digital prints began to speak of a the new life that was created after birth. We drew inspiration for the design of the collection from the traditional dress of the South African Venda women and the traditional bead work created by the South African Zulu Women.”

Pretty sophisticated inspiration I say!

Find out more here:

w: http://www.sindisokhumalo.com/

f: https://www.facebook.com/sindisokhumalowomenswear


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