Christian Louboutin launches Africaba

Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin has recently boarded the African Fashion wagon: He launched a bag collection titled Africaba.  The bags are made out of a mix of different African fabrics and were embroidered in Senegal, at La Maison Rose, a place where “women learn the traditional Senegalese skill of embroidery, ensuring them a trade.” But the bag is not fully produced in Senegal, only bits and pieces – the finishing touches are done in Italy. The final bag is being sold for over 1000 USD. I am all for ethically produced, sustainable designs. But over 1 K for a bag made out of African fabrics, that is just over the top! Maybe it would be less over the top if it would be more transparent how much of the 1K USD are actually going to the women from La Maison Rose?

Vivienne Westwood once also produced bags in Kenya, but sold them for 100-250 USD – much more reasonable in my opinion. The cut of the Africaba bags is nice, the combination of the different fabrics and prints is neither new nor unique – the price however, certainly is!

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