Haute Baso: Turning fashion into a vehicle for change

haute-baso-_apif_1APiF: Please introduce your brand.

Haute Baso: Haute Baso is an ethical fashion brand founded by Candy Basomingera and Linda Mukangonga. We design and produce high quality African-inspired fashion and are servicing the global market with innovative jewelry, bags, and apparel drawn from Rwanda’s vibrant culture and history. We highlight local artisans while promoting job creation particularly for youth and women. Our mission is to translate the passion for art and design into a vehicle for positive change. We know that “to empower a woman, is to empower her community”.

APiF: What is the meaning of the name?

Haute Baso: Before merging their brands into one, Linda’s brand was called Haute Rwanda and Candy’s was Baso Designs. Trying out to combine the two names, Haute Baso sounded like the best option.

APiF: What is your cultural heritage and how does it influence your designs?

Haute Baso: Both being from Rwanda, we draw our inspiration from our country’s vibrant culture and history, adding a contemporary touch to it, giving our designs a global appeal.haute_baso_3_apif

APiF: What is your professional background and what motivated you to start Haute Baso?

Haute Baso: We both studied International Relations abroad. Coming back to Rwanda, we wanted to do something creative and at the same time, have a positive impact on our society. There was a gap in the products that were available in the market, and our interest in fashion made us come together and start Haute Baso.

APiF: Any tips for young/emerging Designers?

Haute Baso: Be passionate about Fashion. Start small, have a vision, be flexible, use your capital strategically, fix yourself milestones and work hard at it. Nothing is impossible.



Find out more:

w: http://www.hautebaso.com/index

i: https://www.instagram.com/hautebaso/

f: https://www.facebook.com/hautebaso/

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