It’s a Thing: The Kimono Jacket

What happened? Kimono jackets seem to be a thing right now. I feel like they have been trending before – but what hasn’t, really? While looking for some new Spring outfits the Kimono-style has cropped up as top as well as jacket in my search.

Facts about the Kimono: The Kimono is a traditional garment from Japan and it means literally “a thing to wear”. I didn’t know that when I wrote the headline. Now I am super stoked about my fitting title. Okay, back to the Kimono. Traditionally the Kimono is a long robe that goes down to the ankles and has wide sleeves. The proper way to wear it is wrapped around the body – with always the left side over the right one. It is mostly worn by women at traditional ceremonies.

I can see myself wearing a beautiful African Print Kimono-inspired jacket over a pair of denim and a white blouse. I like the shorter ones better than the jackets that go all the way down to the ankles. You can wear the Kimono wrapped or open. It depends on the length of the garment and if you want to wear it as a dress, top or just a throw-over jacket.

Here are some Kimono-inspired styles in African Prints I came across. Will the Kimono jacket make it into your closet this year? Comment below!

Designers (Top to Bottom)

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