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Merging the love for nature & fashion and to support the region in Ghana where his family is from – that was the motivation for Nana Boateng Osei when he startet his eyewear company Bohten five years ago. The company makes stylish, lightweight prescription and sunglass frames out of re-claimed wood. With a Kickstarter Nana wants to turn the vision of producing in Ghana into reality.

eyewearSwitching from sourced to produced

The wood that Bohten is using for their eco-luxury eyewear frames is sourced from Ghana. To be exact: it comes from the mountains of Kwahu, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. But sourced doesn’t impact local lives as much as produced. So far most of the production process of Bohten frames took place in Japan or China. The company’s bigger vision however, is to create a manufacturing supply chain for eyewear on the continent.

I see. So what’s the plan?

The Bohten team selected four bestsellers from previous collections as well as one completely new design – together called the Collection of 5 – and illustrates the design enhancements for each model on their Kickstarter. These are the models ready to be produced in Ghana. And you can make it happen. Support Bohten’s goal to produce on the continent: >>> Click and support by donating some money!

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