Mad at Stella McCartney? Don’t Be!

stellamccartneyOoops they did it again. An established luxury designer – Stella McCartney – is sending her models down the runway in African Prints. Social Media is outraged. To be honest, I am just amused. Burberry did it. Moschino did it. J.-P. Gaultier did it. Just to name a few. Stella McCartney is way late to the game, and her African Print designs are not even unique and don’t fit at all to the rest of her collection.

What’s frustrating is that there is hardly ever any context given, or story told. Yes, the market leader in African Prints is the Dutch company Vlisco – but guess where their biggest market is and who their key customers are? Africans – to be specific, West Africans. And like the Scots claim tartan for themselves (it originated in East Africa) – we claim African Prints for us.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t want everyone to love & wear it. That’s not the case.

stellamccartneyIt is just annoying to see designers use it and sell it as “their” creative output without adding some context. If people are crazy enough to buy these underwhelming African Print designs by Stella McCartney for 900-1500+ USD, let them.

Let’s look at it from the positive side.

African Prints are still trending. Use the opportunity to drive awareness to existing African designers and African fashion platforms. Let’s tag #stellamccartney in African Fashion posts on Social Media; fish for new customers who are not aware, that they can get beautifully designed ruffle blouses & summer dresses in high quality African Prints or other African fabrics for less than 500 USD.

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