Hassan Hajjaj’s Rockstars

Pics from The GuardianMy Rockstars is an exhibition by London-based artist Hassan Hajjaj. Inspired by his childhood in Morocco, Hassan took pictures of average people like musicians, a henna girl, a bad boy, a male belly dancer – his everyday rockstars. He dressed them in clothes he designed and photographed them in front of fabric patterns. The frames are also Hassan’s own creations. According to the artist they are supposed to “trap the eyes, bring the viewers to your work”. 
I am quite enchanted by these pictures that have a very African and 70ies artsy feel to them. Hassan labeled his work Volume 1 – so hopefully, there is more to come!
Find out more:
w: http://www.hassan-hajjaj.com/

  1. Hi! Great pics. Makes me smile at once. Such color bombing is so energizing to see in these dark November days.