It’s a Wrap

I love head-scarfs, turbans, head-wraps – you name it! They are beautiful, a great accessory and also quite suitable for one of these bad hair days that I have sometimes. As well as a great help for the ‘I don’t feel like doing my hair days’ that I encounter once in a while, too. The secret to a great look is besides a good technique – the right cloth.

From my experience, size matters! The cloth shouldn’t be too big and it needs to have a certain softness to it. Personally, I like cotton, acrylic and silk-infused fabric best.  
What is your wrapping secret? Please share it in the comments below!

  1. When I have those “don’t feel like doing my hair” days I use a large piece of fabric. I gather the cloth to the back of my head and twist it and tie it into a bun. It's been done often but it looks nice with a simple t-shirt & jeans or even a dress paired with heels.

  2. Love your post! wrapping is so timeless and fashionable and yes perfect for the ''dont't feel like doing my hair' days :)

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  3. Hi Kasha

    I love the pictures and would like to use a couple for a brochure I am doing to sell African Designer Items here in Australia where I live.

    Would you mind if I used a couple of the photos and made a reference to your website?