Ajepomaa Design Gallery: New Collection!

Ajepomaa Design Gallery, Ghana, presents their new collection Navrongo Pursuit. I love the styling and the color a lot in these pictures. It is fresh, cool and has an urban chic – even though the pics were taken out in the prairie. I would wear almost every single outfit, except the shorts but that’s just me as I am not a shorts person.

Ajepomaa has a whole story behind this collection: For one it is inspired by the concept of journey – meaning opportunities and new beginnings. Navrongo refers to a town in Ghana’s north-east and its three founding fathers, represented in the leading colors of the collection: green, grey and coral.

How do you like the collection?

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f: https://www.facebook.com/ajePomaaDesignGallery
t: https://twitter.com/ajepomaagallery
p: http://pinterest.com/ajepomaagallery/
w: http://www.ajepomaagallery.com/
i: APiF Interview with the Designer

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