Prints of the Week: Dearcurves

Dearcurves is an Africa-inspired clothing line for curvy women. The label was created by plus size model and fashion designer Linda Idegwu. Designs can be purchased via their website! I really like the green peplum top and pencil skirt, the combo is super cute! How about you – any favorites?

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  1. Hi

    I often come to lurk around your blog, and I finally summed up the courage to tell you that its amazing! I love this collection, the last yellow skirt is really cute!

    I actually make my own clothes (I get my fabric from here, but I am really inspired by this collection and by your site in general, thanks for the hard work you put it! Look forward to the next updates :)

  2. Thanks so much Alfie, much appreciated! And I feel bad I haven't posted anything since last weekend, but will update the blog again soon :-)