‘Share Your Style’ Friday

 Accessories I would wear with the second dress:corner blade clutch – find one hereblack heels with metal toe cap – like these black blazer – how about this one?
Today’s ‘Share Your Style’ Friday is a little different than usual and I debated with myself for a while, if I should really share it with you guys. If I don’t receive an image directly from the person who is seen on the pic, I am always worried that somebody gets catfished (hey, u should totally watch the movie Catfish!).

I received this picture from the blog owner of Afrikanamitindo. The woman on the picture is Wema from Tanzania dressed in a Maasai outfit. The dress with the beading is worn for special occasions like weddings, while the other more plain dress can be worn anytime. I like the brown/burgundy color of the dresses and Wema looks really fantastic in them. Obviously, to make it look less traditional, I wouldn’t wear the head and arm accessories, but pair it with a black clutch, black heels with a metal toe cap and an edgy black blazer.

What are your thoughts? Hot or Not? If you want to send in your picture please email it to africanprintsinfashion@gmail.com.

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