My Duro Olowu Shopping Experience

Yesterday was the day I had been long waiting for: Helen from Bon Vivant and a Budget and I met at 8.30 am in the Manhattan Mall to get a good look at the Duro Olowu for jcp collection. I had never been there before and was pleasantly surprised how stylish the jcp store looked. Helene told me that J.C. Penney recently hired an executive from Apple’s retail store design team to enhance jcp’s store design – and it is showing!

The Duro Olowu display was all prints with a very small collection of his accessories and designs – which went quickly! I just bought the necklaces (love them!), the green top and black pants there. All other items I had ordered already online before I left the house. Which turned out to be a wise decision, as not all of the designs seen in the look book were there yet. But the store managers ensured us that they would be soon available in store, too.

Shop the Duro Olowu @jcp Collection here. Let me know what you got!

This is what I got

  1. In NYC I know that they have it for sure in their Staten Island store and in the one in the city. Otherwise shopping online is always an option :-)

  2. Love the necklace and the blouse you got. I am looking into getting the blouse as well as the leaf print skirt.

  3. Make sure you get very small sizes when you buy online, we felt that the sizes were bigger than usual. Can't wait until my order finally gets here :-)

  4. Thanks for the tip! I would have ordered a size up because I thought the sizing might be for juniors.