Share Your Style Friday

Leopard Heels and Prints are awesome! Shop Leopard Heels from Aldo here!This week’s “Share Your Style Friday” picture is from Priscilla Boatemaa. She is from Ghana and lives in NYC. The print dress she is wearing was made by a tailor back home. Priscilla has worn this dress to weddings and other celebratory events. I love that she combined leopard print heels with her dress. That is bold and shouldn’t work, but it does!

I saw this style just recently at a fashion event and was wowed (see below), so I will also try the leopard heels plus print dress look soon.On another note: I also just had to post that pic as Priscilla took that shot on a subway platform. And as you know – my latest project is the blog SubwayStyles NY! How do you like her outfit? Hot – or Not? Are you also a fan of the leopard and print combo? If you want to share your outfit, just email it to:

Candace from (left)and Emijaa from (right)

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