Seiwa Akoto: Accessories for Confident Women

I am just spending a long weekend in Montreal and despite the rain – it is an amazing city. My sister’s friend is the owner of the natural hair shop inHAIRitance and one of her stylists – Adwoa – has her own accessory line: Seiwa Akoto. The brand name was inspired by a Ghanaian Highlife song by Yamoah called Serwa Akoto – Serwa meaning “noble woman”.

Adwoa started incorporating Adinkra symbols in accessories to experiment with small items for her vision of Africa-inspired interior design and furniture. Everyone liked her products and kept on asking for more, and so the Seiwa Akoto collection was born.

I really like the earrings with the small and big golden masks. Check-out her page and get your accessory game on!

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