Toubab Pop-up Store in NYC

The Paris-based accessory label Toubab was hosting a pop-up store in NYC past Thursday, organized by Anna Toure PR. As I am an admirer of their statement pieces, I had to check it out in person. The handcrafted necklaces were impressive and we touched and tried on lots of different pieces. The prices were quite impressive, too, but well, sometimes you just need to go for it.

We also had the chance to meet and talk to the designer Maud Villaret who explained the naming of her label to us. Maud used to travel a lot on the African continent. In countries like Gambia, Senegal and Mali, people from Europe/white people are called “Toubab”. She liked that term and it seemed somehow fitting to use it for her Africa-inspired accessory label.

What would you have bought in the Pop-up store? How much was the most expensive necklace you ever bought?

Helene from Bon Vivant and a BudgetHelene, Anna and my sis Nana (wearing a Christie Brown necklace)R: Maud Villaret, the designerLast picture: The long one in the middle, that is the one I bought

  1. This was a pop-up event, check-out their website, they want to start selling online soon and have some stores in NYC that they distribute with some pieces.