AFWNY: Kaela Kay and Farai Simoyi

Here are my top favorites from the Saturday shows at AFWNY. My talented writer/editor friend Shea came along and took notes – so thank you Shea for your witty and fitting comments and observations!

Farai Simoyi: The collection starts perfect out of the gate wit a print a-line short dress and a body-hugging print dress with open back!  I want both of these! This designer loves color and knows how to showcase the female body.  Very unique backless print top.  Still loving the usage of color!  Shapes I haven’t really seen before, like this shirt that is long and flowing in the back while short in front. Nice color blocking.  Swimsuit!  LOVE!!!! Colorful and sexy.  Another unique shape – sleeveless top with long side and one short side. This collection is a favorite!

Kaela Kay turns African fabrics into avant-garde, classy and chic silhouettes and brings a fresh perspective. The first dress that hit the runway was very striking – colorful and feminine. Explosion of color describes this designer’s aesthetic perfectly.  She mixes colors and prints in a bold, playful, modern way that has me rethinking how I put my own clothing together. I love how she celebrates the female waist. THIS COLLECTION IS GORGEOUS. These pieces look great on the models but are cut so that one need not be a size 2 to look good.  This designer moves effortlessly from night to day and knows her way around a lace overlay. Another fave!

Catherine Addai the designer

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