AFWNY: Moroccan-inspired designs by DeVelasco and Caftan NY

Sana Redwani, a modern and new interpretation of the Moroccan traditions. The runway show starts: Architectural, interesting hair! Stunning black embroidered long jacket. Included menswear. Wide legged print pants to die for! Nude evening gown with black lace overlay was hot and the brown and gold one was even hotter! With wide sashes. Love love love this designers evening wear. Well tailored and expensive looking.

Caftans are usually long dresses that may have hoods and pants. One of the company’s goals is to design flowing gowns that are seen and worn in the luscious city of Marrakesh, but with a modern twist. The runway show: Green flowered caftan was beautiful and elegant! Sheer but tasteful. Black caftan with silver embroidery was quite stunning and had an Asian feel. There was even a shorter caftan that could easily be rocked at the office. The usage of the full color palette was appreciated. Beautiful green men’s dashiki-type of top.

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  1. Hi,

    this collection has a lot from the moroccan moderne caftan that is very popular these days. Actually it becames an inspiration for the biggest band names, i've also seen some new style clothing like jeans with caftan's belts :)