It is Share Your Style Friday (SYSF)!

Ankara Blazer & Shirt custom-made by Finda Onuigbo
White Button-up: H&M
Bowtie-Billie Jean Bowties & Designs-$30.00 (self-made by Nikki)
Shoes: Barefeet
Photographer: Sam Adaramola

It is Share Your Style Friday (SYSF) again! If you are reading this and it is still Thursday, sorry, I am currently 12 hours ahead of NYC and blogging from Shanghai. So it is already Friday for me :-) This evening I will be heading via train to Bejing to finally see the Great Wall of China. I will post a picture on twitter for sure.

Anyhow, back to fashion. In this picture you see Nikki, she is also a fashion blogger and you can check-out her blog here: All Things Ankara. She turned a preppy look into a stylish one by pairing a white button-up with a golden bow tie and throwing two prints into the mix. All polished off with creamy heels. What can I say, I really like this look! How do you guys like our SYSF fashionista? Is this look top – or not? Comment below!