Happy Hair: Giveaway with BeijaFlor Naturals

I know this post is not fashion-related. This giveaway is all about hair, natural hair. I stumbled over the organic hair and body care line Beija Flor Naturals during a short, fun trip to Montreal, Canada. I am in love with it and my hair is in love with it, too. Their Maracuja Milk is one of the products were I just need to have an extra bottle in my bathroom cabinet to avoid any dry hair freak outs.

On their website it says: “If your body could talk, it would thank you”. My hair is definitely very grateful! So to spread the happy hair feeling, we are doing a giveaway together with BeijaFlor Naturals.

Enter here to win a dose of Creme Brulee and Maracuja Milk:

Find out more:
f: www.facebook.com/BeijaFlorNaturals
w: http://beijaflornaturals.com/
t: https://twitter.com/CaliBeijaFlor

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  1. I have natural hair so I need products like yours, where can I purchase your products? very hard for me to comb my hair any suggestions?

    thank you
    Winifred Owusu