DIY with Vlisco: My new awesome Trench Coat

For the longest I wanted a trench coat with an African prints lining. Whenever I saw one pictured on Pinterest or Facebook I tried to find out where I could purchase one but without much success. Eventually, I decided to give my old trench coat that I have at least for 7 plus years a makeover. I received the most awesome fabric for this DIY project from Vlisco. I am just in love with the color combination of this fabric: purple, brown and green. 

I googled how to replace the lining of a coat and found some tips, however not owning a sewing machine (yet) and remembering my mediocre grades in school when we had to do handiwork, I decided to go to a tailor from the Senegal in my neighborhood and get it done. So it isn’t really a DIY project but a DIYWSEH (Do It Yourself With Some Expert Help) project. I absolutely love love the results.  

How do you guys like my updated trench coat and the Vlisco fabric?

  1. Hello, I do like your lining. I am a seamstress and I can make garments for you. Check my fb page…Facebook/su5336

  2. Love this DIY! It adds a nice touch of color when wearing plain/neutral pieces. I might have to dust off my sewing machine now.