Randmas goes retro: Inspired by African Prints and the Sixties

Pucci meets African Prints in this retro-inspired look book by the new UK-based brand Randmas – which stands for Retro And Modern African Style. They have two sub brands: Randmas Geometrics takes its name very seriously as you can see from the images above ;-). I always had a thing for the baby doll style dresses, even if I would only wear them with leggings (#tooshort). Bila Beela is offering print scarfs for men and women alike but are unfortunately using and overusing the terms jungle and tribal a little too much. How do you like the styles – getting into the retro mood already?

Find out more here:
w: http://randmas.com/
f: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Randmas
w: http://randmas.com/pages/bila-beela

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