Be bold, beautiful and powerful: Fanm Djanm

Images by Alejandro Cerdena Photography

Lifestyle blogger Paola Mathe just launched this cool line of headwraps called Fanm Djanm – which means strong woman in Haiti, where Paola is originally from. Empowerment is what she aspires her label to be all about: “There are strong women everywhere. Some know their strength, and others haven’t yet figured theirs out. This brand is to empower women from all walks of life to be bold, beautiful, and powerful.”

For now the site only offers headwraps, but Paola wants to add more to her line eventually: “I started with the headwraps because they’re my wardrobe staple, and I always get questions about them.”

I love the aesthetic of the images and of course also the headwraps. So be bold and get your wrap game on. Which one is your favorite image?

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