Get access to africa-inspired designs via MoonLook

Assistant photographer:
Make Up & Hair: Naomie Make up

A new retail platform is on the horizon that focuses on African designers and Africa-inspired designs across the Diaspora. MoonLook wants to give access to the great fashion out there and also empower designers to develop their business and reach a wider, global audience with their designs. To promote the new platform, MoonLook created the above fashion shoot in Ghana, showcasing designs from AjepomaaDesignsGallery (Ghana) – Trishocouture (Nigeria) and House of Marie (Nigeria).

The website looks promising and has some really nice and cool designs listed. If it would launch in English instead of French, I for one would really be over the moon and it would probably be a tad bit easier to reach a global audience. Just saying!

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  1. Hello, this website does look nice. You can also find nice African outfits from famous African designers on Mayasi website is dedicated to African fashion, it is in English, French and Spanish and they ship worldwide too!