Return of the Rudeboy: Some of my favorite pics

Photos by Dean Chalkley and Harris Elliott

One of the best exhibitions I have seen this year: Return of the Rudeboy. I was lucky to be in London early August for AFWL and went with some friends to check-out the exhibit at Somerset House. It was my first time at Somerset House and it is a great location so I can only urge everyone to go. The exhibit was inspiring and super interesting. I hope it will start touring!

From the exhibition text: “An urban journey that reflects the cultural heritage of the Rudeboy phenomenon: born in Jamaica, revived in mod and 2 Tone subculture, and culminating in the manifestations documented. (…) Rudeboys and Rudegirls are (…) visual commentators expressing attitude, individuality and integrity through their personal style and mind set.”

Did you see it? Know any Rudeboys or Rudegirls yourself?

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