Samson Soboye: “African print is the new paisley”

Samson Soboye opened his store 13 years ago and focused more on traditional African designs and artifacts. That changed with the UK Olympics. He designed dress shirts for men out of African print – and they sold out in minutes. Samson realized he had something here and started to expand the brand.

This Spring he showcased besides menswear for the first time also women’s wear at Africa Fashion Day Berlin which was very well received. Being blessed with a cool name that others would have to make up when creating a brand, Samson isn’t worried that the whole African Print bubble is going to burst. For him “African print is the new paisley”.

His store in Shoreditch, one of the relatively new and emerging hipster areas in London that is really worth a visit, is located right opposite the studio from artist Hassan Hajjij.That Samson has a styling background is quite obvious when visiting his store as it is very nicely decorated and an experience in itself. If you stop by during lunch time ask him for the best and most expensive pizza place in the world!

Location of store: 13 Calvert Ave, London E2 7JP

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