London Trip: Visiting Vou Brown

Londoners are really lucky, they have at least 4 different stores that sell Africa-inspired designs. Vou Brown in the north (Willesden) is one of them. The owner Liza Vou Goje of Nigerian heritage noticed one day that she always went with full suitcases to Nigeria and came back with empty ones. So instead of just exporting European/British goods/culture she decided to import some of her own culture by bringing designs, accessories and interior design pieces back to London. And so the Vou Brown store was born (Read older interview here).

What I like about Vou Brown is that it feels more like a market place and is a totally different experience from stylish hip stores like Soboye or elegant-trendy stores like Sapelle. It is really great to have several stores with different identities that all reflect African Fashion and Africa-inspired designs. NYC – we need to catch-up!!

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