Originality & Diversity: Myriam Maxo

A huge teddy (in French “Doudou”) is sitting in a corner of a store. It has no eyes and looks more like an interior design piece than a cuddly toy. An that is exactly the intention of artist and interior designer Myriam Maxo from Paris.

Myriam – the original creator of the African print teddies – considers them as art, sculptures for adults and not necessary toys for kids. She loves the reactions of people to her huge print teddies. Everyone usually wants to touch them! For her it’s a way to re-connect people to their childhood via the emotions that the design piece triggers. Creating one of the bears takes Myriam 3-4 hours: dedicated art work as every teddy is handmade. The artist has produced several installations with her teddies at pop-up events, fashion shows, art events etc. 

Besides the teddies, Myriam is also creating flooring, pillows, wallpaper, furniture, lamps: “Through my work, I want to meet and merge cultures to meet a new market, that of the ‘ethnic diversity’. I relate to each other through symbols, geometric shapes, colors, graphic shapes and urban areas.”

Find out more: 
e: http://www.myriammaxo.bigcartel.com/
w: http://www.myriammaxo.com/
f: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MMM-by-MyriaMMaxo
i: http://instagram.com/myriammaxo
Sold in NYC at 3NY

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