Iconola: Fashion for Everyone

I just stumbled over this ready-to-wear brand from Nigeria: Iconola. The motto of this fashion label is “Real People, Real Clothes, Real Prices”.  Iconola wants to be the alternative to high-end, luxury  and pricey fashion brands made in Nigeria. Nothing wrong with ready-to-wear – my favorite design is the blue print A-line dress over the orange print pants and  the blue & purple top. I also like the photo shoot idea with the models standing inside the open closet so that really every one gets the brand’s concept (get it? right in your closet = ready to wear ;-). What I am not a fan of are these sheer long tops combined with the skirts – that looks a bit too cheap. Fitted  or even loose crop tops would have been better!

Thoughts? Any looks you would rock? Yes/No – comment below!

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