Flashback 2015 – Hello 2016!

Africa_coverAnother year is ending tonight! It’s unbelievable how quickly 2015 passed by. I feel like someone snapped with their finger and woosh, suddenly it is December 31st.

But actually quite a lot of things happened this year:

  • I became an aunty – woohoo
  • I relaunched my blog and moved from blogger to wordpress.
  • I reconnected with a very good old friend from high school, I went on a girls trip to Berlin, I started a new job.
  • I experimented with producing my African City bags on the continent, lost patience, gave up and re-started again and its seems like the African City Bag made in Africa will finally happen in 2016!
  • I organized a proper shoot for my bags at Grand Central Station.
  • I started to be more sporty, got a personal trainer for a couple of weeks and joined a boxing gym.
  • Last but not least: I finally made it back to Ghana and will welcome the new year here in Accra.

So 2015 was a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. But I will look at it like Sankofa and only reflect on the past to continue to build a successful future. My new favorite motto from 2015 that I will take into 2016: I rather try and fail than fail to try! So from the bottom of my heart I am wishing you a very Happy New Year!!

Here are some of my looks from 2015:


msk_helene_apif_octobermskny_apif_hand mskny_apif_vliscomskny_apif_january mskny_apif_berlin_2 mskny_apif_berlin

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