Homage to Cameroon: M’ba M’etta Collection by Nyorh Agwe

During her trip to Cameroon, designer Nyorh Agwe was determined to explore her Metta heritage.  She wanted to find out more about traditional dying processes and the fibers that were used in the past to create clothing. Nyorh tested the local dying technique on several materials like cotton, silk and wool and the results influenced her very organic M’ba M’etta collection – a homage to her people in Cameroon – that combines very different fabrics and materials.

How do you like her collection – would you rock it?

Find out more:

w: http://nyorhagwe.us/

i: http://www.nyorhagwe.us/


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nyorh_agwe_1 nyorh_agwe_2 nyorh_agwe_3 nyorh_agwe_4 nyorh_agwe_5

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