Africa-inspired Temporary Tattoos

APIF_Tats_AfroPolitan_9719I really dig temporary tattoos. They are a great way to embellish your body and add a stylish highlight, without leaving a permanent image on your skin. As I didn’t find any Africa-inspired temporary tatts, I decided to create my own ones!

I selected my favorite Adinkra symbols for the tattoo sheet:

  • Sankofa – about the importance of learning from the past
  • Gye Nyame – a symbol about the supremacy of God. This is a symbol that is literally everywhere in Ghana and can be found on a spoon, the curtains , carved in the table as well as the entrance gate – you name it!

In addition to these two Adinkra symbols I added the image of the African continent and the text AfroPolitan.

Get one of the tattoo sheets for 17.99 USD and you are all set for your trip to the pool, the beach, brunch, a festival – anywhere really where you want to show-off some embellished body parts.

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Photos by: J. Quazi King aka Quazimottoonwx


How to apply the temporary tattoo:

  1. Cut out the tattoo you want to use
  2. Remove the plastic foil
  3. Make sure the skin you place it on is dry and not sweaty or oily
  4. Press the golden image face down on your skin
  5. Take a moist sponge and dab the white paper back of the tattoo until it is all wet (but not soaked)
  6. Slowly remove the paper and let the tattoo dry a couple of seconds
  7. Carefully smooth it over with some shea butter to make it last longer
  8.  How to remove the tattoo: just use a make-up removal pad with some rubbing alcohol or baby oil


APIF_Tats_AfroPolitan_9874 APIF_Tats_GyeNyame_Sankofa_9751 APIF_Tats_Sankofa_9726 APIF_Tats_Sankofa_9774

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