Duro Olowu Fall 2016: A Clash of Prints

I like dresses and skirts. I actually like them a lot and wear them most of the time. Maybe that is another reason that I am usually drawn to the creations by Nigerian designer Duro Olowu.

His Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection doesn’t disappoint in this regard and comes with a lot of long, stylish dresses and skirts. And also as usual – a lot of prints! But this time, some of the combinations hurt my eyes a little bit: zebra print shoes, leopard print leggings and a colorful print dress on top. Quite a print party that Olowu is having here. The designs and cuts are all very wearable and flattering – no doubt. The combinations however, are sometimes a bit out there. Personally, I would leave all the zebra and leopard prints out of the mix. And I can’t quite figure out what the rocking sheep is doing in all of the pictures? Maybe a hint that this is the Fall collection? Any thoughts?

Curious to hear how you like this clash of prints – comment below!

02-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 05-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 06-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 07-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 08-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 10-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 12-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 14-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 15-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 17-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 19-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 22-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif 24-duro-olowu-fw-16_apif

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