Recap in Pics: BAM’s Dance Africa Bazaar in Brooklyn

The BAM Dance Africa Festival & the 3 day Africa Bazaar are over. Like every year, this event blackens-up Fort Greene – a former black and now very gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn – and creates one of the most fun, creative, fashionable, relaxed and family-oriented events. This is still one of my favorite happenings of the year. It has changed a lot due to the new construction sites for high-rises that reduce the size of the event tremendously, but nonetheless the vibe and the styles continue to be great.

This year I didn’t take as many pics as usual – but you can find all the pics I took on my blog’s Facebook Page. Just click here…

IMG_5446IMG_5459 IMG_5483 IMG_5485 CjuyfSQXIAAv9V5-1

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