Update Your Furniture with African Prints

African Prints in your living room – sounds too much? Like with fashion, it all depends on the right mix. I tend to have a lot of white, grey and black furniture in my apartment – clean lines and designs that are sleek and stylish help in my opinion to not get bored of furniture too quickly.

Upholstery – Make new out of old

Mixing in some upholstered furniture in African Print works perfect with that look. It gives the apartment a sprinkle of color and can be an awesome highlight. I always admired people who were able to upholster furniture themselves. Recently I came across this beautiful pink & brown print and decided to cooperate with a friend who is an interior designer and an upholstery expert. We beautified one chair and one ottoman together. The chair is already sold – the ottoman is still available (shop here!).

More beautiful pieces will be added before the holidays. But until then I decided to share some African Print furniture inspirations from other brands like Enitan Vintage and 3RD Culture.

How do you feel about furniture with African Prints? Comment below or share a link of a piece you own or found somewhere else!

By African Prints in Fashion

By Enitan Vintage


By 3RD Culture