Update Your Furniture with African Prints

African Prints in your living room – sounds too much? Like with fashion, it all depends on the right mix. I tend to have a lot of white, grey and black furniture in my apartment – clean lines and designs that are sleek and stylish help in my opinion to not get bored of furniture too quickly.

Upholstery – Make new out of old

Mixing in some upholstered furniture in African Print works perfect with that look. It gives the apartment a sprinkle of color and can be an awesome highlight. I always admired people who were able to upholster furniture themselves. Recently I came across this beautiful pink & brown print and decided to cooperate with a friend who is an interior designer and an upholstery expert. We beautified several chairs and one ottoman together. Some of them are still available here.

More beautiful pieces will be added before the holidays. But until then I decided to share some African Print furniture inspirations from other brands like Enitan Vintage and 3RD Culture.

How do you feel about furniture with African Prints? Comment below or share a link of a piece you own or found somewhere else!

By africaboutik

ottoman_prints_furniture_apif9 ottoman_apif

By Enitan Vintage

enitan_vintage_prints_apif5 enitan_vintage_apif1


By 3RD Culture3rd-prints_furniture_apif3 3rd_prints_furniture_apif10 3rd_prints_furniture_apif2 3rd_prints_furniture_apif6 3rd_prints_furniture_apif9


  1. Beautiful, but how sturdy is the fabric? If it’s the same wax we use for clothing, an not sure it makes for very lasting upholstery. Thanks!

  2. He also worked on Royal Hut of Mary Vinson and also, carries the fabrics all over the world. But, you have picture, with no Credit of the person or their work. Is this usual?