Ritual & Performance: The Lagos Photo Festival

On the 22nd of October started the 7th edition of the international arts festival Lagos Photo. The event will run for a month and showcase 30 photographers from 17 countries.

This year’s theme is “Ritual & Performance” and wants to explore how “repetitive acts imbued with belief (…) shapes our general idea of what is true in determining an African image, gender, religion, beauty, class etc.”

Okay, before I start getting too philosophical and even start citing Foucault as Lagos Photo did in their press release, let’s just look at some of these awesome and creative pics, shall we?

My favorites are the regal images bu Keyezua – the ones with the orange/brown background – so beautiful and impressive. You can find all the names of the artists of the images below at the end of this post.
Find out more:

t: @LagosPhotoFest

Artist from Top to Bottom are:
  • Tsoku Maela
  •  Ishola Akpo
  • Osborne Macharia
  • Keyezua
  • Siwa Mgoboza
  • Keyezua
  • Mohau Modisakeng
  • Osborne Macharia
  • Lakin Ogunbanwo