Sawa Shoes – Sneakers Made in Africa

Chateau Rouge and Sawa Shoes Co-opSneakers Made in Africa? Mehdi Slimani set out to make his vision a reality.
Initially from the finance world with no real knowledge of the shoe business, he quit his job and started to get his feet wet in the shoe business by gathering experience as a Junior Footwear Manager. After two years he felt he was ready to plunge into his business: Sawa Shoes.


Sneakers Made in Africa – ethically & sustainably produced

The first collection was produced in Rwanda and Mehdi sourced most of the material in Sawa Shoes apif blog storyNorth Africa. After continuous challenges related to corruption he moved the production to Ethiopia. Now all material is sourced locally or directly from the origin country of specific African textiles like Burkina Faso or Mali.

Not just stylish – also comfy


Sawa Shoes apif blog storyWhen I entered the Sawa Shoes store in Paris to find out more about the brand, I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave without a pair of sneakers as they are all fly. The different color combinations and designs give them a nice retro feel. And they are not just stylish but also very comfy as it turns out. Most designs are limited editions. Mehdi aims to add a new collection every 2 months.


Currently not stocked in the US, but….
Sawa Shoes apif blog storySawa Shoes used to be stocked by JCrew ( that must have been the most fashion-forward item on their shelves) but currently are not sold by any major retailer in the US. I am sure that changes soon, otherwise you can of course order these stylish and comfy sneakers online – they ship worldwide.


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Sawa Shoes apif blog storySawa Shoes apif blog story Sawa Shoes apif blog storySawa Shoes apif blog storySawa Shoes apif blog story


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