African Models on the Runway: Malaika Firth

Malaika Firth was born in Kenya and is of British-Kenyan decent. Malaika was one of the first Black models to appear in a Prada advertising campaign in almost twenty years. I know – pretty lame of Prada but hey…

For Elle France photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino took these awesome and stunning shots of her. I love the clothing! There is everything here that I like and would wear instantly: striped dresses, burgundy & print skirts, print dresses and, and, and. It’s a mix of casual, boheme, Africa-inspired, 60ies inspired, print-infused looks. Comment below and let me know you favorite look!

malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_2 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_3 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_4 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_6 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_7 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_8 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_9 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_10 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015_11 malaika-firth-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-apif-march-2015


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