Floaty, Casual, Chic: Christie Brown Ghana SS2015

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection by well-known Ghanaian designer Christie Brown captivates with its bright, pastel colors combined with black & white prints. The black cut-out bib from earlier collections re-appears as an uber-long top. And the cut-out design is also integrated in some of the tops, jackets and skirts. Overall the collection looks very light and floaty – just like a summer’s breeze.

Unique: I really like that all models are wearing flats – must have been a smooth runway experience for them. I am a fan of the bolero jackets, the green and white jumpsuit & dresses as well as the coat with the black & white print at the end.

Which of these outfits would you want to rock this Spring/Summer?


ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_1_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_2_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_3_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_4_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_5_apif  ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_7_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_8_apif

ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_13_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_14_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_15_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_16_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_17_apif ChristieBrown_Ghana_SS2015_18_apif

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w: http://www.christiebrownonline.com/

i: https://instagram.com/christiebrowngh/

f: https://www.facebook.com/ChristieBrownGH

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