DapperAfrika: “The world needs more individuals who don’t follow trends”

dapperafrika_2I have been following DapperAfrika for a while now on Instagram and really wanted to find out who was behind these amazing and dazzling images on that feed. Curious yourself? Then check out the interview with DapperAfrika CEO Yasin Abdur.

APiF: Who is behind DapperAfrika?
Yasin Abdur: My name is Yasin Abdur and I am the creative behind the movement known as DapperAfrika. Which means The Revolution of Fashion, Music, TV & Art. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for over 18 years. From credentials as a songwriter, choreographer, model or surrounding myself with the elite and having access to the dream since early age.

APiF: What are you exactly doing?
Yasin: DapperAfrika became known as wardrobe stylist that was also a muse for the random attire on the red carpet. So I am in-between – behind the scenes  and leading others on set

APiF: What inspires you?
Yasin: Being on stage performing. My mom was a model. My great uncle was a very iconic jazz musician. I knew very early on that I wanted to have an impactful story.


APiF: What makes your brand unique?
Yasin: What makes me unique from what I hear its my thinking and how I see colors – I think life has an unlimited abundance of colors.

APiF: Hottest trends right now in your opinion?
Yasin: I believe strongly the world needs more individuals who don’t follow trends and have their own mind. I would say that has helped my popularity and success thus far. Next goals is TV as an actor as well as taking DapperAfrika to South Africa.

APiF: Any advice for start-ups/entrepreneurs in the fashion industry?
Yasin: For anyone seeking career in fashion – be authentic or learn from authentic people. My burdens, hardships and surpassing challenges has taught me staying power. I don’t have future goals, I just do my best to remain present to the gift.

Find out more:

t: http://dapperafrika.tumblr.com/

w: http://artmademe.webs.com/

i: http://dapperafrika.tumblr.com/


All Images: Styled by DapperAfrika – from their Instagram Feed

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