Yoga Pants: Everything is Africa-inspired

Yoga pants are trending. I just recently read an article on the stylish sportswear phenomenon that drives nearly every brand to produce a sports line or offer yoga pants, to cash-in on the trend. Spearheading the yoga pants market is lululemon. A colleague first told me about the brand last year and stated that they had the most expensive but the best looking and fitting yoga pants she had ever owned. Since, I have checked out their website and considered buying a pair but just couldn’t bring myself to spend 100 USD or more on yoga pants.

Now the Los Angeles/Accra -based brand Osei-Duro has collaborated with lululemon to produce functional fashion with an Africa-inspired twist: “Osei-Duro has designed two exclusive hand-batiked prints for lululemon lab that will be digitally printed onto technical active wear.” The collection includes bras, tights, bodysuits and also tanks and shorts for men. All available online via So for a unique pair of printed yoga pants I might be willing to spend 100 bucks. Let’s see…

Just a side note: The campaign images look a bit eerie and remind me of stills from a Sci-Fi movie, I kind of expected something different for an Africa-inspired fitwear collection, but well.

What’s your take and how do you like the collection? Comment below!

osei duro-22_apif osei duro_apif osei duro-2_apifOsei-Duro-x-the-lab-Cassava-Bodysuit---Pebble-Print-20150714044110 Osei-Duro-x-the-lab-Cassava-Bra---Grid-Print-20150714045650 Osei-Duro-x-the-lab-Cassava-Bra---Pebble-Print-20150714045213 Osei-Duro-x-the-lab-Cassava-Tight---Pebble-Print-20150714045618

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