Fall with Lisa Folawiyo

Nigerian designer Lisa Folawiyo, formerly known as Jewel by Lisa, takes Autumn quite literally in her 2015 Fall Collection. Her outfits are predominantly in brown, purple and blue tones. The leave is a theme that gets picked-up in the prints themselves and some of her dresses are embellished with leave-shaped attachments. I have always been a fan of her work and also like this collection very much, especially the dresses. Even though I need to admit, I am not quite ready for Fall yet!

Which look do you like best? Comment below!

Credits: All Photos by Sarah Cresswell

Find out more:

w: http://www.lisafolawiyo.com/

i: https://instagram.com/lisafolawiyo

LisaFolawiyo fall_apif1 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif2 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif3 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif4 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif5 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif6 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif7 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif8 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif9 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif10 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif11 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif12 LisaFolawiyo fall_apif13

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  1. The arrow designs on shoulders are really cool!!

    We’re not sure we’re ready for the Fall yet, although we have a Fall Lookbook out already ~> !:-)
    Does that count?