My Top 6: Trendspotting at AfroPunk 2015

Another AfroPunk event is over. It is always inspiring and empowering to be surrounded by so many creative, gorgeous Black People – all rocking their afros, braids, locs and uber-creative outfits. This is one of the only events where never ever anyone says “no”, when I ask if I can take a picture for my blog.  The music was absolutely fab. Hard to pick a favorite, but besides the big headliners like Grace Jones and Lauryn Hill, my faves were Oshun and Jesse Boykins.

To see ALL pics I took at AfroPunk his year – click here

Trending this year…

Being Black :-)

Awareness, Blackness - AfroPunk APiFBeing Black is my Shit - APiF at AfroPunk


Blue Hair

AfroPunk on APiF - blue hair

MsK NY at AfroPunk - blue hairAfroPunk on APiF - blue hair


Afro-Puff inspired Styles

APIF Afro-Puff inspired at AfroPunk



APiF - Afro Futurist at AfroPunk


Africa-inspired Face Paint

African Face Apinting - APIF at AfroPunk

African Face Apinting - APIF at AfroPunk


Flowers in your Hair

Floral hair accessory - APiF at AfroPunk