Fashion Goodies: Vendors at AfroPunk

Besides  the pretty cool and inspiring styles of the AfroPunk crowd, there are usually also a bunch of creative vendors selling clothing, accessories, art – you name it. Walking around in the vendor area and discovering new brands is one of my highlights at AfroPunk. Below you can find a short overview of my favorites.

Anyone listed that you liked, too? Which vendors did you like best?

I Am Kreyol – this was my favorite stall, so creative and cool. Love the black and white photo.

IMG_4964 IMG_4966 IMG_4968

jaZarah Design Studio – beautiful accessories and dresses made out of African Fabrics. I love the red print. Let’s wear it and make summer last longer!IMG_4970 IMG_4972

Hand-dyed fabrics, t-shirts and and wall art – all done by Ghanaian fabric designer N’Ketiah, combining culture, art and fashion. Contact:

IMG_4973 IMG_4974

Honey Fly Boutique – so adorable this soft crop top. I couldn’t walk past it and had to buy one. Inspired by her daughter, Rayna created these cute tops due to the lack of  children’s clothing that represent us. Glad she made this top for the grown girls like myself, too!


Liza Garza – another stall that made me stop in my tracks, as she combines Latin American with African fabrics. So beautiful!

IMG_4949 IMG_4951

Wow Wow by Wunmi – Nigerian designer, artist, musician, dancer based in Brooklyn. Her hand-dyed designs are always a hit at festivals. The shoes were made in South Africa and belonged to a different brand, but they didn’t have a card so sorry, I don’t have a name for you.

IMG_4958 IMG_4956 IMG_4954

The Bombchel Factory – now this was a colorful stall of prints and flower crowns. Great combination, felt very much like Africa-inspired Flower Power.


Moi posing next to Chinedu from SUPAFRIK rocking one of his Africa-inspired Punk t-shirts. Check-out his website for more interesting looks.


Halls of Art –  this brand creates individual, wearable art out of casual white sneakers. They also have pretty cool earrings.



    1. Hi, I hear you I guess you are referring to the fact that the tickets did cost money this year? They also offered free tickets for volunteers.