It’s Africa-Inspired: What to Wear at a Festival

Comfortable, sexy and cool – that is my favorite look for festivals. Leave the heels at home and take your leather boots, flats, roman sandals or kicks instead. Outdoor events are great to show off your creativity and mix denim, prints and leather with some statement accessories, turbans, hats, maybe a crown or even (I have seen it!) wings.

My personal favorite is to mix dashiki prints with denim and leather and pair it off with black leather boots or some kicks. And super important: don’t forget your water bottle. ;-)

AfroPunk is this weekend in Brooklyn, so I already have my outfit ready. What about you? What is your favorite outfit and if you are attending AfroPunk, what will you rock?


Design by Whitneyalix _festivalwear_apif
Design by whitneyalix


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  1. We’re with you on ditching the heels for comfortable shoes during festivals! :-)

    Comfort is key, but what’s comfort without style?

    We have a cool collection of gents and ladies #Africanprint shoes – even boots here [ ] and we ship worldwide.

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