Where to shop cool fashion in Accra

adidas_ad_accra_apifAs you know I was lucky enough to spend my Christmas holidays in Accra. I hadn’t been back in 7 years, so the 2,5 weeks of vacation went by very quickly with family visits and lots of family activities.

BUT – of course I managed to carve out some time for shopping! Some stores were closed over the holidays, so I wasn’t able to get to every single one that I had initially on my list. But here are the stores I made it to and that you should totally check-out if you have a chance! And yes, I am aware there are many more – but I just didn’t make it to all of them. Next time!

Note: Accra has gotten expensive and especially when shopping name brands of African Designers, get ready to spend quite a couple of Cedis!


Elle Lokko

Where: 1 Lokko Road, not far from the Osu Cemetry

What: A cute, fashionable store with outfits and accessories from several designers like Osei Duro, Raffia Ghana, Iamisigo, Monaa, and others. Owner of the store is Stefania Manfreda – of Ghanaian-Italian background. Stefania is fantastic and very welcoming, which is an atmosphere that also applies to her store. While checking-out dresses and trying on things  we felt like we are in someone’s living room, it was an overall very relaxed and fun experience.

What I got: I bought a really cool green-yellow batique skirt by Osei Duro. It is tailored at the waist and gets wider falling down. If I had seen it online, I would have never bought it as I would have considered it a bit too granola for me. But now its one of my favorites already. Pics will follow when it stops snowing in NYC :-). I also bought a black & white crop top from Osei Duro and the yellow & blue skirt from Raffia Ghana. The skirt was the reason I had initially gone to Elle Lokko. I just knew I wanted to have it and the heavy Batakari fabric make it ideal for Autumn/Winter in the US. Oh and I also bought a simple, elegant necklace made out of light green beads by Elle Lokko.

elleLokko_1 ElleLokko_necklace elleLokko_oseiduro elleLokko_raffiagh_dressElle_Lokko_Store


Poqua Poqu

Where: Osu, Forico Mall, Mission Street

What: A nice, pleasant store in a quieter corner of Osu. Very well stocked so I was able to get all the skirts and tops in the sizes I wanted. AND: one top had an open seam and they fixed it the same day and delivered it to my sister’s apartment – great customer service! The store offers several design options with so called African fabrics. The skirts are very well tailored and some come with a matching top.

What I got: The combos looked so cute, I had to get a black & yellow one :-) I also fell in love with the tailored peplum top that mixes prints with stripes. It looks great on top of skinny jeans. And I bought a light blue floating caftan that is open in the back. I wore the caftan several times while in Accra and always got compliments. So definitely a store worth checking out!

poquapoqu_dresses-caftan poquapoqu_tops_stripespoquapoqu_skirtsbag_poquapoqu


Christie Brown Ghana

Where: Osu, 11th Lane, not far from Buka and Pinocchio Gelato

What: Christie Brown Ghana is one of the most popular stores and brands. It’s always worth to have a quick peek in here. Only disappointing thing was that they didn’t have that much stock in the store and of the existing items not many sizes were available. BUT, if you really, really want something, you just make any size work for you, won’t you? ;-)

What I got: A green army-style jacket that has some print buttons on the shoulders and a print inlay. It looks pretty cool & stylish and I already combined it with a grey jumper and a colorful skirt. Can’t wait to wear this one multiple times in Spring. This jacket is definitely unique and well made, as most of the designs by Christie Brown Ghana.



Kua Designs

Where: Labone, inside Labone GT Bank Building right next to Fine Things Patesserie

What: This store has so many different bags, clutches and wallets that I went several times with an item to the cashier just to change my mind again before making my final purchase. The jewelry is also fantastic and I did fall in love with the rings. Kua Designs also has a children’s / baby wear section in the back that I didn’t check out. Great quality of the leathers, some bags I just wanted to buy because they looked like pure arm candy, even though I knew I would probably not really wear them from a practical standpoint.

What I got: I got this large ring made out of some blueish stone. It is such a statement piece and I am very happy I purchased it. I also got one of their small wallets as I couldn’t resist and they come in handy for coins and cards.

kua_design_bags2kua_designs_walletskua_designs_wallet_green ring_kuadesign_apif


Brown Sugar Ghana

Where: Osu, 13th Lane, opposite Royal Yacht Lounge

What: Very cozy store with a nice entry area where you can also sit down and chat. Rosebud the shop attendant was as lovely as her name and even offered me a glass of wine that I had to decline as it was still a bit too early for me. Great store for anyone who wants to buy fashion and accessories from trendy stores in the US that can’t be that easily obtained in Accra.

What I got: Nothing this time, I just popped in to check-out the store as I am selling some of my African City Bags there.


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